Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Meet Roxy

Meet Roxy (no, not the boy, although he's cute too). She doesn't look like much now, but we have big plans.

The story is that when I moved here, I found a gret VW Mechanic, Tony Schoen, who owns German Autowerks here in Beaverton/Hillsboro. One day when I was in there I noticed this trashed-out, rusty bug in the shop. I mean.. the thing looked like it had been sitting outside with no windows for years, it was full of debris and generally looked like hell. He said they were restoring it, but I was skeptical. A few months later I came in for something else, and there was this shiny new light-blue bug with a shiny black interior sitting in the lot with a temporary permit sticker... I didn't believe it, and had to ask "Is that the same bug?" just to make sure.

I got to talking with Tony later on after we sold our Volvo (I recovered their customer database off their laptop when its hard-drive crashed), and he's going to build a bug for me. He's been working air-cooled VW's since the 70's, and claims to have "built" over 100 of them. He had a few 60's models laying around that he's been working on occasionally, so I'm buying one off him, and he's going to do the restoration work, build an engine, and has a guy joining his shop to do the body work and paint.

So, I've tentatively named her Roxy. She's a '67 (last year they had metal dashboards and a flat windshield) and we're going to give her a classic look... trying to stick close to the look of that year, within reason. Going to go with a two-tone paint job, and will eventually have the roof and tail-racks. I'd post a concept picture, but I want it to be a surprise. :)

There's a few more pictures of her current state (Cedar likes her, he hopped right in and started driving) on my flickr site, I'm planning on taking more as the project progresses and posting updates. We're planning on having her done by March, and entering her in a local VW show in the Portland Convention Center.

I'm itching for her to be done, but I got nothing to do but hurry up and wait.